Tree Trimming

There are a myriad of reasons why you should hire a trusted source in Santa Barbara to maintain your valuable landscaping. Tree Trimming is a professional practice and if left in the wrong hands could have devastating effects. At Santa Barbara Tree Care we look for structural deficiencies, broken branches, remove deadwood, look for potential hazards and do a general health assessments of your trees. We also look at clearance between roof lines and branches. We do a full inspection of the scaffolding of your trees to determine the non-essential branches.  Removing these branches can rid your trees of possible pathogens and insect infestation. Regular maintenance minimizes the risk of branches or stem breaking and gives your landscaping a healthier more finished appearance. Pruning your tree canopies can help to filter in more light or can be shaped to create more shade. SB Tree Care is adept at raising or lowering your tree canopies to clean both the interior and exterior of trees creating the best desired effect that is eye appealing, energy-saving while always placing safety first. We also do full tree removal.

Why Is Tree Trimming In Santa Barbara So Important?

Unforeseen issues such as storms, or excessively windy days are a common safety hazard concerning trees that are not well maintained.  It is important to keep debris from collecting on trees that can fall away from tree trunks or canopies and become slippery
messes on the ground. SB Tree Care can help you avoid costly mistakes. Proper trimming will help keep your tree roots strong avoiding possible toppling of trees. SB Tree Care promotes healthy trees by eliminating weak wood, which in turns provides more nourishment for your trees. Not inspecting the health of your trees can have a domino effect leading to different issues such as wood rot, or retaining moisture to your property. Brush Clearing can also play an important role in preserving your trees and to avoid other hazardous incidences that could occur. If the tree is removed completely, SB Tree Care has a stump grinding service for that as well.


Tree Trimming Safety

Keeping up with the health of your landscaping and trees by pruning and trimming is also a smart preventative safety measure, which in the long run can end up saving you big. Tree trimming is one of the most dangerous tasks that you can execute on your property. Which is why hiring a professional tree care company such as SB Tree Care is crucial. Homeowners seldom realize the dangers of unattended tree branches hanging over a walkway can fall and strike a loved one or a pedestrian passing by.  Limbs too close to electrical lines can of course be a dangerous fire hazard. 

Did you know that tree branches that touch your roof gives direct access to little critters from which they can wreak havoc and even cause devastating health issues to you and your family. For rodent and insect infestation problems SB Tree Care can H.E.L.P.

Most people do not understand the importance of using a professional tree trimmer to trim their trees. Wrong cuts can cause damage to trees can cause more problems such as trunk rot. SB Tree Care focuses on the health, beauty, and overall safety for you and your property. There are many benefits to trimming and pruning your trees, which of course improves the overall aesthetics and helps garner better property values.


The ABC’s of tree trimming:

Assess for
Broken Branches while eliminating other
Competing branches 

Top Reasons For Tree Trimming:

  • Promote Tree Heath

  • Avoid Bodily Injury

  • Circumvent Property Hazards

  • Protect Home and Property

  • Add Property Value

  • Improve Overall Appearance

  • Tree Trimming

For certain trees, regular inspections and pruning are recommended on an annual basis especially if those trees are located along your property line, next to power poles, or near your home.  By engaging in regular tree trimming you reap the following benefits:

  • Promote healthy tree growth

Pruning will prolong the lifespan of your trees by getting rid of any disease or insect infected limbs, removing any weak limbs, and any dead limbs. Doing this early ensures these limbs do not rot away your trees. Moreover, you can improve the appearance of trees by getting rid of branches that are no longer healthy so that healthier parts of the tree can use that energy to flourish. This can encourage production of flowers, leaves, and fruit.

  • Protecting your home/property

If you leave tree branches hanging over your house they could break off and hit your home during a strong wind breaking windows or causing other damage. with time three branches might burrow under your shingles and cause roof leaks. If you allow your trees to grow without trimming them they might grow into a nearby power line which could cause damage to the power lines. In some situations, utility companies require homeowners to handle this task if power lines span over private property.

  • Protecting your family

Lower hanging limbs can be a danger to people were walking across your property and damage branches might be hanging precariously now but they could at any moment fall under the weight of the branch and hit your family outside.

Regular maintenance for your look and feel of your property but it will increase the safety of your home and your family.

When it comes to tending to the trees and bushes in your yard there are some jobs which are simply too large or too dangerous to do on your own. In these situations, is always best to hire professionals. A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot work safely with both feet firmly planted on the ground you should hire an expert. When you start working at different heights it requires specialized protection and proper training because of the risky variables involved including things like nearby homes, wires, fences, wildlife, and other buildings.  Naturally hiring a professional service can come with its own set of risks, particularly if that company doesn't do a good job or they overcharge you.

When evaluating different companies, it is important that the company looks professional. Are their company vehicles well taken care of, in good shape and clean? Is the equipment taken care of? Is there a website? All of these things are indicative of how a company runs their business and you only want a company that is professional in all areas and takes the time to properly manage vehicles and equipment because doing so extends the lifespan of these items which in turn reflects well on the company who is clearly in it for the long haul.

It is important to protect yourself And simultaneously protect your property. Hiring professionals for dangerous jobs can help you do just that but always make sure that the professionals you hire meet basic safety requirements and recommended practice for the industry.

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