Emergency Tree Removal

Tree removal is a carefully planned operation. The need for the emergency removal of a tree can arise from Weather related fears like strong winds or heavy rain fall. Both of which can bring a weakened tree down with ease. Even living trees need to be feared and should be checked for weaknesses every couple of years.

Damage Caused By Weakened Trees

Trees are seen as a thing of beauty a massive part in the existence of mankind, many people fail to see the dangers that lyes

Accidents that could of been avoided.

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Emergency Tree Trimming

Trees can some times get in the way, Maybe you have arrived to your summer home only to find the road access has been taken away due to over grown trees. Trees that get close to windows can break through with just a slightest increase in wind. By keeping your trees trim you also lower the risk of fire and spreading of fire in the event of a forest fire. Need Our Help? Call SB Tree Care Now.


Emergency Tree Service

When you are in need of emergency tree services you don't have a lot of time to spare. For that reason, it is recommended that you evaluate different companies before the actual need arises so that when it does you are not pressed for time and as a result forced to compromised and hire a less than reputable company who won't do a good job.

In order to make sure that the professional you have hired is top of the line ask them the following questions:

⦁ Ask them if they will provide you with an up-to-date certificate of their insurance alongside a copy of the work contract. You want to make sure that if any accidents or injuries take place during your tree services that you are not financially or legally liable. This should be the most important component when evaluating a professional service.

⦁ Ask for their credentials.  Work with a company that has proper credentials or certifications through the international Society of arboriculture or the tree care industry Association. If the trees on which they work are in close proximity to any electrical conductors they need to have an approved line clearance certification as well. Freelancers or new businesses might not be the people you want to hire even if they are the cheapest on the market because they may not be aware of what certifications they need to get the job done properly and safely. This is simply not a risk you want to take on yourself.

⦁ Ask for a list of references. High-quality companies should be happy to provide you with a list of at least three satisfied customers whom you can contact to inquire about the Professional Services they received. These should be customers who have worked with the company you are considering within the last month or two, not satisfied customer from 4 years ago alongside another satisfied customer from 8 years ago. You need to know that the company continues to provide high quality work.

⦁ Ask for a detailed estimate. Written estimates should be obtained from at least three companies that you are comparing. When you review these estimates check the prices and the scope of the job. You need to know exactly what you are getting for your money. If one company is particularly cheap there might be a reason for it; they might be excluding services that other companies include in the estimate. If this is the case you're going to end up buying the services a la carte which could result in a much higher bill in the end.

⦁ Ask what equipment they are going to use and how they will approach the job. If you have a manicured lawn and flower beds you don't want a company that only has over sized Power Equipment causing collateral damage. If they are going to be working on your lawn to reach the trees in the center of your yard make sure they know where sprinkler heads are located and where other objects are that could be damaged. Inquire about their policy if they do damage something. It is in your best interest to photograph the area before any work takes place so that you can have accurate records in the event of something does go wrong. Finally, ask about the cleanup that will take place both before and after the job. The last thing you want is to hire a company that does exactly what you need them to do and then leaves a big mess of leaves and branches strewn across your yard.

⦁ Ask how long the project will take. Getting an estimate is one way to go about this. One company you are comparing might say a job will take them 3 days while a similar company can offer the exact same service a matter of 3 hours. When you need an emergency tree service, time is the most important thing.

⦁ Ask if they use spikes to climb the trees when they are pruning. With the exception of tree removal, you should always ask that the company you are considering not use spikes because these can cause unhealthy wounds in your tree.

⦁ Ask if they use topping techniques. Topping is a very poor practice whereby a company removes live sections off the top of your tree. If you have a healthy, large tree this is not the proper way to go about pruning it and any company that Advocates this should be one that you steer clear of.

⦁ Ask if they will use personal protective equipment while on the job. You would be surprised how many professional companies Outsource a lot of the rudimentary labor to other individuals failing to comply with OSHA requirements. OSHA requires personal protective equipment be used for any type of tree care operation and reputable services will provide protection for all employees even those who are temporary workers hired just for this service.

By asking all of these questions ahead of time and evaluating potential companies, you can not only find a reputable organization to hire for regular brush-clearing, tree trimming, or tree removal services, but you will have someone you can turn to in the event that you need emergency tree services.

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