Tree Stump Removal Service

Tree Stumps can get in the way. They are unsightly, are a pain to mow around, and they sometimes keep sprouting more green you just have to cut down again. Santa Barbara Tree Care can take all these problems away with our stump removal service. We will also take away all leftover bits and pieces of debris making sure to recycle anything you don’t need or use. SB Tree Care will remove unsightly and hard to eliminate stumps in the ground.  There are some tree stumps that have small feeder roots that if left intact even after the stump is removed can be very aggressive and have the potential to continue to re-sprout and grow back ruining new landscaping and causing damage to underground systems such as septic tanks, or utilities. Removal of stumps and
roots can prevent these re-occurrences. And if you need a full tree removal, we do that too.

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Avoiding Sprouts After tree grinding service

Sometimes frill applications with herbicides are used depending on the tree. They are applied to the outside of the stump within 15 minutes of final cuts to close off activity and prevent the tree from continuing to draw and absorb moisture which can later sprout more feeder roots.

Herbicides are the most effective and least expensive however some homeowners prefer to use a more natural elimination system without the use of chemicals. There are many techniques to controlling live stumps and root-stocks that re-sprout.

Mowing is one procedure that can be utilized for landscaping around tree stumps but can be short term resulting in needing to remove many times due to regrowth.

Grinding stumps gives an added bonus to your yard creating instant mulch for your yard. Mulching can beautify your landscaping and helps contribute to overall soil health. However, if not needed SB Tree Care will carry away all leftover wood chips and clean up the debris that remains leaving you with smooth easier to care for yard maintenance. In terms of yard maintenance, we also provide tree trimming, brush clearing, and much more.

Reasons To Remove That Old Tree Stump.

Tree stumps can cause all sorts of issues, just the aesthetics of them can make any garden look tired.  Not to mention the kids or grand kids keep tripping over them every chance they get.  Removing A bad tree stump from grass will also help in the maintenance of your garden, making it easier to mow.  Contact Today, We are here to help.

  • Tree Stump Grinder

If you recently, or not so recently, had a tree removed, chances are you now need to have the stump ground away. If you have a stump in your yard and you are unsure whether you want it ground down or removed, consider the following:

Stumps are an eyesore. They can be aesthetically intrusive if the rest of your yard is otherwise well landscaped. For those who are meticulous about their landscape, having a stump right in the middle of the lawn or raised flower bed can be an annoyance.

⦁ If you have children, or are older, having a stump can pose a serious hazard. Children, yours or visiting, running through the yard might trip and fall. If anyone visiting your home trips over it, then you are liable as the property owner. Additionally, if you hit it with your lawn mower, it can permanently damage a costly piece of equipment. Maneuvering around a stump will only continue to pose a threat whether you are trying to mow your lawn or weed your garden.

⦁ If left in place a stump can result in new tree growth. The stump will foster small sprouts which can beget smaller trees around the stump. At this point, the small shoots will come back time and time again if all you do is yank them out. It can be much more expensive to use chemicals at this point. Moreover, smaller sprouts/new trees leech nutrients from nearby plants so any flower beds or vegetable gardens you have in the surrounding areas will lose much needed nutrients to the new tree growth.

⦁ Similarly, stumps begin to decay and as they rot, they attract wood boring pests like beetles, ants, and termites. While they might not be a concern when in your yard, rest assured these pests will soon enough make their way into your home.

Once you have made the decision to have that stump ground away, clearing up space for other purposes, you have to consider why you need to let a professional do the job for you. So often we read about how to do something yourself, but grinding away a stump on your own is not as easy as you might think. Even though you can rent the tools for it and give it a go, if you don’t have proper training, protective gear, and professional knowledge, it can go horribly wrong. Stumps grow deep under the surface, and if you try to grind it down and/or remove it yourself, you could cause irreparable damage to your yard or injury yourself.

This process is dangerous, and is less so if left to the professionals. When you try to do the service yourself, it poses a risk to yourself, your neighbors, and your property. If you try to remove a tree stump with the wrong equipment or rip it out by tying a rope around the stump in the back of your car is only going to cause serious damage to yourself and your property. Tree stumps are incredibly strong, much stronger than people realize and even if something can be successfully removed chances are but it's going to come flying out of the ground because of the inertia and either smash your home, your car, or cause injuries to yourself. Professionals will make sure that the job is done right. Tree stumps can split apart as you are trying to remove them or grind them down, with pieces flying off every which way.

Companies like ours have years of experience grinding away tree stumps and helping to keep your home and yard aesthetically pleasing and safe. In fact, we do these jobs regularly. When you hire our team of professionals that guarantees that not only will the stump be ground away properly but it won't cause any damage to the surrounding area. Safely grinding away or removing your tree stump requires precise cuts in multiple areas with Machinery that you cannot rent as a regular person and even if you can you won't properly know how to operate. Our team of professionals have that knowledge.

No matter how much research you do online you won't know everything about trees or tree stumps. Our company can give you the right advice for your circumstance. That is why it is important that you talk with us before you decide to take matters into your own hands. We have dealt with tree roots that are near electrical systems and pipes, we have worked to obliterate stumps that were located in otherwise difficult-to-reach locations. We have years of experience that we bring to the table.

We also have the right equipment. Even if you are able to find the equipment you need online it's going to cost you quite a bit of money. The specialized equipment you want isn't going to offer a good return on the initial cost unless you plan to use it as part of your job. But for us it is our job, so we have everything necessary and the proper training required to operate those things. We have stump grinders in vehicles equipped to remove any of the material or debris left behind. We will have everything necessary to complete your job from start to finish without any damage to the surrounding landscape. Safety is paramount when chainsaws and other heavy pieces of machinery are involved. As a licensed and insured company, we have the credentials necessary to protect our employees and our clients from work related accidents or injuries.

That said we also know how to grind away a stump in such a way that we don't cause damage to the surrounding area and we don't leave behind any hazards. In the end we will clean up all of the remains and make sure that everything is removed from your property.