Brush Removal and Land Clearing Prevention

Its no secret California is prone to wildfires. Being preventative is key to maintaining a fire safe zone. Clearing and mitigating wildfire brush for commercial and residential properties is what we do at Santa Barbara Tree Care. We eliminate and remove all types of undergrowth and will cut away shrubs, reduce tree heights, remove vine-covered fences, any and all invasive flammable waste. Tree and Brush Removal Services are an essential part of maintaining your property in the greater Santa Barbara area.

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Clearing your property doesn’t have to be an arduous and daunting process. SB Tree Care can efficiently remove high overgrown areas. We have the expertise, staffing and equipment to quickly rid your property of invasive plants. Santa Barbara has issues with all types of obtrusive plants such as Crystalline Ice plants, Bermuda grass, Crimson Fountain Grass, Thistles, Cape Ivy, Pepper trees, and allergy producing Mustard plants. It’s necessary to reduce as much overgrowth as possible to mitigate and lower the risk of wildfires. Tree trimming and stump grinding can also be helpful in prevention of the spread.


Maintaining your land and being preventative with land maintenance is crucial to avoiding wildfires especially during drought season. If you find yourself week after week getting behind on weekly mowing, or clearing away leaves, debris, or unsightly overgrowth of plants in your yard it is easily remedied with just a phone call to Santa Barbara Tree Care for our fast, efficient clearing service. We have the equipment and skilled manpower to immediately accomplish any project you have.


Brush Clearing Services are recommended for:

  • Clearing flammable plants and debris

  • Creating wildfire mitigation plan

  • Eliminating invasive plant overgrowth

  • Designing more open space


History of Tree Brush Removal & Benefits

After more than a decade in the industry, Chris Willingham teamed up with his wife Nicole to start SB Tree Care, right in their home town. They are dedicated to giving customers quick and efficient bids and quality tree care. We look forward to the opportunity to bid on your project.

  • Brush Clearing

Brush clearing services prepare your site for things like fire prevention, construction access, or land clearing. There are many reasons why you might want to hire a professional to tackle a project you may have, but the main reason is that professionals can reduce otherwise arduous manual work with top notch industry tools. Other reasons you might consider professional tree brush removal services include:

  • The removal of unwanted pests

If you allow your property to become overrun with undergrowth, it becomes a breeding ground for insects and rodents. When you have the brush removed, it removes unwanted overgrowth and improves the site for landscape, construction, or farming. When you work with our team we will visit your site, bring with us specialized equipment to remove any unwanted pests, and leave behind pristine land. If your yard contains other flowers or plants, this is an especially important process because excess debris can encourage pests who eat those plants and flowers. With our professional services, you can alleviate this risk.

  • The improvement to the value of your home

When you have dead trees, unsightly stumps, and wild bush on your yard, they become eyesores. Hiring our professional services can transform your property by removing general debris, overgrown plants, or weeds. The result is a more attractive landscape that has an increased amount of green space. Research indicates that having an attractive landscape can improve the value of your home by up to 15% and hiring our services can help you do just that.

  • Prevent neighborhood forest fires

If you live in a dry area, like California, fire risks are an annual issue. It does not take much for a small fire to become a devastating one. By removing overgrown plants and bushes, you reduce your chance of sparking a small fire that quickly becomes a large one. Our specialists can visit your property to remove any dry or dead vegetation, tall grass, or trees within a matter of hours. We offer such cost-effective land clearing with only the newest equipment in tandem with top notch industry practice.

  • The preparation of your yard for landscape/development

Brush removal can get rid of things that might inhibit a construction team. Whether you own your home and are preparing for changes to the landscape, or you are looking to improve a piece of property for commercial development, you can convert the area in question from an overgrown jungle of bushes, weeds, stumps, and more into a blank canvas. We will help remove obstacles that would cause safety concerns for a construction team. We can help you prepare your property for sale. In fact, many local realtors argue that using a brush clearing service can increase the value and appeal of a newly listed property.

So, what should good specialists do for you? They should remove tree stumps, large stones, overgrown plants, and more on any commercial or domestic properties. Manually completing these tasks could take weeks longer than they would with the right tools and a competent team.

That said, how do you evaluate the professionals you are considering?

You should always ask for certificates of insurance and a copy of any contract you enter into. This will help you to protect yourself financially if any accidents or injuries take place during the course of the project. The contract will let you know more specific details about what the companies are going to do, what they will charge you a la cart, and how long it should take.

Tangentially, get an estimate beforehand. That written estimate should be used to compare all of the companies you are evaluating. The estimate will tell you in better detail what services you are getting, and for what cost. If you find that one of four companies is very inexpensive, it might be because they don’t offer stump removal as part of their services, which is fine unless the other three do—and for less money. Contained in the estimate should be information on how long that process will take. Knowing their projection can help you if, for example, you are trying to plan for the next phase in construction on an existing project or you are preparing to stage/show the property.


Review credentials. You always want a certified organization you can trust. Moreover, you should be able to get recent references you can contact. Every company has a handful of great references, but not all of them are current. You don’t want to fall victim to a company providing two year old references, none of which can tell you how terribly run the company has become since a change in ownership/management. Always get references that are just a month or two old, at most.

Always figure out what equipment they will use, what methods they will apply, and whether they adhere to OSHA standards for safety—even for contract laborers. It is in your best interest to ask about any company policy for damage they cause to your property. You don’t want them to bring in over sized industrial equipment to your small, residential property only to find that all of your flowerbeds and garden plots were accidentally run over or chopped away. So, knowing ahead of time will help you.

Overall, when you need something done right the first time, research like this can help you vet the companies you absolutely should avoid.

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